About us

We – Arnold, Jurgen and Stefan – started working together in 2008 on the launch of 4Aviation. Our plan might not have been solid at that time; however, we were crystal clear on the fact that our offering would focus on our greatest passion: aviation.

Off to a flying start

Putting our heads together, we determined that we could do justice to the 4Aviation name by organising full-service tours to aviation shows and (military) destinations. All at once, business was booming. We have travelled to more than 60 countries with thousands of aviation enthusiasts, bringing them up close and personal with various kinds of aircraft. Indeed, we had plans to grow our offering, but, as 4Aviation was going strong, we put our other ideas on the back burner. That is, until we were grounded in 2020. With an abundance of time on our hands and the wherewithal to move ahead, we began to shape and bring to life our additional plans.

Introducing Aviation Gadgets and Blackbird

Aviation Gadgets is the marketplace for a large number of aircraft and/or aviation related items that you want to lay your hands on. We have made them easily available to you. Just order what you like via our webshop and we will send the items to you very soon after.

In addition to Aviation Gadgets we have also created Blackbird Aviation. Our tagline ‘Your part of aviation’ says it all – Blackbird Aviation is a marvelous collection of inspiring luxury items; each piece with its own personal story and a link to aviation. For you and other aviation minded people the world over, we have devised four collections: Art, Photos, Collectibles and Furniture. Each collection offers a variety of beautifully crafted, often one-of-a-kind items that reflect our view of the aviation world and add to the elegance and originality of any home, office, restaurant or mancave.

Happy shopping & safe travels,

Arnold, Jurgen & Stefan


The Blackbird Aviation team members Arnold, Jurgen and Stefan